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1861 dawned over 150 years ago. The year 1861 marked the beginning of the bloodiest period in American History. Our 1861 app follows the major events of the first year of Americas Civil War. Special sections cover the major events of the war: Ft. Sumter; Union reaction to the capture of the fort; Battles in West Virginia, Missouri and Bull Run. In 1861, any hopes war could be avoided ended, when guns began blasting Ft. Sumter, in Charleston Harbor. All hopes the war would end quickly disappeared on the battlefield at Bull Run.

Through photos, drawings, multimedia presentations and first hand accounts, the 1861 app brings this bloody first year of Americas Civil War to life. The program also includes a timeline of all of the years major events, documents, as well as a Navy chronology. The 1861 app also contains a section on other world events, along with technological developments. All photos and first-hand accounts can be e-mailed.